normal_scornissue1.jpg[ENGLISH] Toronto, January, 2008 – Septagon Studios, Inc. is expanding its publishing efforts and its quest for new creator-owned books to add to its current flagship title, Scorn. “Scorn has had an increasingly-successful launch with solid reviews from both industry professionals and from review websites,” said Nick Defina, president of Septagon Studios. “Septagon Studios is eager to add diverse titles to its lineup. Despite the existence of quite a few companies in the comic book publishing industry, plenty of great artwork and extraordinary writing is out there in need of a home,” Defina added.

septagonlogo_phpbb.gifDefina further explained: “Septagon’s submission guidelines are formulated for creators. Artists, writers, or pre-assembled teams with published works will all be considered. We are looking for titles that stand out and lean toward a contemporary art style. We are looking for stories that break away from the norm and keep readers on edge. We ask for creators who are considering submitting to Septagon Studios to push their creativity and originality to the limit without limiting themselves. Break down the walls and barriers and let your imagination run wild. At Septagon Studios we encourage creator freedom.”

To help creators, Septagon is announcing that it is accepting Digital/Electronic submissions, allowing any creator to submit a digital file. Septagon has adjusted its policies to evolve with the changing times, thus enabling creators to not only save time, but money as well.

Further details regarding Septagon Studios’ submission guidelines can be found at the link below:

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About Septagon Studios

Septagon Studios Inc. is a publishing company founded in early 2003 by company President and C.E.O. Nicola Defina with his two cousins, Philip Defina (Vice President and Art Director) and Domenic Defina (Consultant/Art Direction). Septagon Studios has carefully positioned itself to occupy a historic place in the industry, and combining comic book publishing with creator services is just the start. Comic Collector