DDP Partners With Humanoids For Long-Term Publishing Deal

27 juillet 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Devil’s Due: Chicago, IL. (July 27, 2008) – This fall, Devil’s Due Publishing is proud to bring one of the most critically acclaimed lines of comic books back to U.S. comic book stores through a publishing partnership with Humanoids and its European sister company Les Humanoïdes Associés (« LHA »). Previously published in the U.S. both independently and through DC Comics, Humanoids is one of the premier European comic book publishers with a vast library of titles by popular European and American comic creators.

« The quality of the Humanoids library and brand is unmatched, and the partnership between Humanoids and DDP allows us to do something different with the Humanoids brand than has been done before, » said Stephen Christy, Manager of Development for DDP. « DDP couldn’t be happier to finally give American comic fans the chance to see unpublished work by industry legends like Kurt Busiek, John Cassaday and Butch Guice among others, as well as continuing to bring some of the best European creators to American shores. »

The DDP/Humanoids partnership will be a prestige imprint publishing no more than 2-3 serialized comic books and graphic novels per month. The goal will be to feature titles by prominent American creators alongside titles by top-notch European creators in the standard American comic book format.

 « We have been very impressed by DDP’s growing success, in particular in the audiovisual arena. Considering that Humanoids plans to increase its collaboration with American artists and writers, it was key to establish a strong partnership with a dynamic player in the industry, exactly like DDP » said Fabrice A. Giger, co-owner and Chairman of Humanoids / LHA.

 « One of our main goals is to turn some of our properties into film, TV series and video games, » added co-owner and film producer Pierre Spengler (original SUPERMAN trilogy), « There is just such a tremendous potential in a virtually untapped catalog. »

 The imprint launches in November with I Am Legion #1 (of 6), illustrated by John Cassaday, and the rollout will continue in December with The Zombies Who Ate the World #1 (of 8), illustrated by Guy Davis and written by Jerry Frissen. Additional titles such as Kurt Busiek’s Redhand, and Metal, illustrated by Butch Guice, will follow, as well as the completion of classic titles such as The Metabarons and The Technopriests. For more information, please visit www.devilsdue.net and www.humanoids.com.

About Devil’s Due Publishing:
Proliferators of comic culture, DDP is one of the largest and most established comic book publishers in North America, carrying a diverse line-up of original, creator-owned and licensed properties. With offices in Los Angeles and Chicago, DDP has many projects in development for film and television with major studios including 20th Century Fox, ABC Family, and Rogue Pictures. DDP’s titles include Drafted, Lost Squad, Sheena, Dungeons & Dragons, DemonWars, Voltron, Rest, Serpo and the cult-favorite Hack/Slash.  The company recently launched a line of cutting edge designer toys and lifestyle accessories under the imprint DDPOP.

About Humanoids:

Humanoids has been in existence for 35 years. Throughout this period, the company has consistently published comic books and graphic novels of the highest quality worldwide. The catalog currently comprises more than 500 titles and is being enriched by a hundred new titles each year. One of the unique attributes of this catalog is its diversity. Virtually all genres are represented from science fiction to thrillers to comedy to the increasingly popular mangas. Quite uniquely in the comic book industry, Humanoids consistently works with top talent from both sides of the Atlantic: regular contributors have been and continue to be some of today’s most prestigious authors both in America (ie. John Cassaday, James Hudnall, Butch Guice) and in Europe (ie. Alejandro Jodorowsky, Moebius, Manara). Humanoids has a number of films in development, some in partnerships with acclaimed filmmakers like David S. Goyer. The company is represented by CAA.