dcu_zero_solicit.jpg[ENGLISH]  On April 30, after COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS has reached its amazing conclusion and before FINAL CRISIS begins, DC Comics will unleash the amazing, low-priced special DC UNIVERSE: ZERO! Priced at just $0.50 and timed to arrive in stores before Free Comic Book Day, DC UNIVERSE: ZERO is written by Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns and features art by some of the biggest names in comics, including George Pérez, Tony Daniel, J.G. Jones, Aaron Lopresti, Ivan Reis, Philip Tan and Carlos Pacheco!

Starring the greatest heroes of the DCU, everything leading to FINAL CRISIS and beyond begins in DC UNIVERSE: ZERO. Take a journey through the past and present of the DCU, and witness the emergence of the greatest evil in the universe — and the stunning return of a force for good!

DC UNIVERSE: ZERO is retro-solicited in the March Previews and is scheduled to arrive in stores on April 30 with a cover price of just $.50 U.S.