[ENGLISH] Little Foot, publisher of the Howard E. Day prize award winning Mr. Big, announces CrumbSnatchers, that latest in its line of books. Written by Stephanie Butto with art by Evan Keeling, CrumbSnatchers is a full color 64 page book set to debut in October. « CrumbSnatchers exists in the whimsical world of a child’s imagination, » says Keeling. « It is a place where the ordinary can become extraordinary, and a person’s most fanciful childhood dreams easily become reality, often with humorous and endearing results. »

Little Foot was founded in 2006 by Christian Beranek, one of the heads of Disney’s Kingdom Comics. Its purpose is to provide all ages graphic novels of both a moral and educational value. Little Foot creators are active in their community, teaching courses on how to create comics and helping school systems develop reading programs.

Little Foot is repped by Cornerstone Literary in Los Angeles, CA.
Please visit www.littlefootcomics.com for more details.