Arcana Invites You To Witness The Coming of Black Jesus!

18 octobre 2009 Non Par Comic Box

Arcana Invites You To Witness The Coming of Black Jesus![ENGLISH] Arcana Comics tells us: Arcana Comics is proud to announce that the Black Jesus trailer is now online at Black Jesus (AUG09 0633), created by Jimmy Blondell and David Krintzman, asks the question what happens when someone is born different? Are they accepted? And if they are accepted, what are they accepted as? Chris is born with special gifts and every individual has their own beliefs. Is Chris a Mutant or a Messiah?

blackjesus-1To coincide with the release of the book, Jimmy Blondell has created a trailer which he says, « … is a mash up of the Graphic Novel and the screenplay. I infused illustrations and iconography from the comic-book and then I added some rough cut footage from the screenplay. The music element I chose really added a dark edge that helped reflect the stories tone. »

The trailer can be viewed online at Arcana’s official website.