2008 Nerdcore Calendar: Comic Book Heroes/Villains

28 novembre 2007 Non Par Comic Box

nerdc13.jpg[ENGLISH] Nerdcore tells us: Outlets from Playboy to Wizard, G4’s Attack of the Show to Ain’t it Cool News are raving about the 2008 Nerdcore Calendar. It appeals to everything that your audience lusts after — beautiful imagery, the massive popularity of comic books, and an overdose of pop culture trivia — so why not include it in your holiday gift guide round-up?

Yeah, yeah. You’re thinking, « It’s just another calendar. » Wrong!
There are so many reasons why the 2008 Nerdcore Calendar is different from regular calendars: 

OVERSIZED / Unlike the usual small, flimsy calendars carried in bookstores, the 2008 Nerdcore Calendar is 12 x 18 inches and printed on thick, durable paper that’ll last far beyond 2008.
COLLECTIBLE  / The 2007 Nerdcore Calendar still sells even ten months since it expired, proving that collector’s aren’t just using it to mark important dates, but appreciating it for its art as well. It may surprise you, but they will sell well past January.

NERDY DATES / Hundreds of geeky holidays are marked throughout the calendar, including major events in comic book history (the day Doomsday killed Superman, etc.), anniversaries of popular franchises (X-Men, etc.), birthdays of dozens of legendary writers/artists (Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, Frank Miller, etc.), as well as movie releases (Iron Man, etc.), seminal happenings in the videogame industry, and other pop culture cool (the day Marty went back to the future, etc.).
MAJOR MEDIA ATTENTION / Dozens of magazines and TV networks have scheduled publicity for the 2008 Nerdcore Calendar,including Wizard, Playboy, Ain’t It Cool News, G4, Spike TV, IGN.com, Fuel TV, BPM, Penthouse, Kotaku, Geek Monthly, Destructoid, and many others. What other calendars gets THIS much attention? You will sell a lot of these!
AVAILIBILITY / Major comic book retailers across the world currently stock the 2008 Nerdcore Calendar, and it’s also available directly from totallynerdcore.com
INTERVIEWS / Several models (including two-time cover girl Karlie Montana), photographer Cherie Roberts, designer Jason Adam, and the creators of Nerdcore are available for interviews to compliment your features

Yours nerdly,
The Nerdcore Crew

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