Avant-Goût VO : Incredible Hercules [Eng.]

18 août 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Here’s a Secret Invasion tie-in which has the good taste not to drag it out ! The bell is indeed ringing and it is already time for the clash between Herclues’ God Squad and the Skrull deities. The God Squad has been going through a rough patch recently, and its fiery leader is protested against after Snowbird’s death and the revalation of Amadeus’ pup’s true colors. But, given his nature, one can guess that we haven’t seen the last of the boy genius…

Writers : Fred Van Lente & Greg Pak
Penciller : Rafa Sandoval
Released date (USA) : 08.20.2008

« He loves you » – you’re beginning to know the drill. But who is He exactly ? The answer, and a solid divine rumble, lies in this new issue of Incredible Hercules ! The God Squad has reached its goal despite the obstacles and it is now time to check what the Skrull gods are worth. Without spoiling anything, let’s just say this issue is a total success ! Rafa Sandoval’s art still works the magic. He is as dynamic as he is accurate. And he juggles between the battle’s epic dimension and its human side, therefore echoing the writing. Because Pak and Van Lente indeed manage to get the job done avoiding the basic « clash of the titans » we could have expected. Their battle is everything but linear an dit matches perfectly with everything they builded up so far, regarding the current storyline as well as their whole run. You can tell those two are rather intimate with their character – both its comics and mythological versions – and they direct him in a very credible way, as they did ever since the title began.

The other strength of the current run lies in its pace. Whereas, to my mind, the whole crossover suffers from a way too loose editorial planning, Incredible Hercules can afford to conclude in only five issues. That said, this conclusion bears consequences and some plot points stay unresolved, so that the writers have plenty of ammunition for the upcoming three months. Let’s just hope these pages’ action will have some impact on the main title. Last week I was upset about the made-up mini-series, which are plagued, in my humble opinion, by a bad timing and a total uselessness. But Incredible Hercules is the exact opposite : a strong title, which bears an identity of its own but manages to fit perfectly in the bigger picture. Once again, a total success !

[Antoine Maurel]