Youngblood: Back To Press

18 janvier 2008 Non Par Comic Box

youngb.jpg[ENGLISH] With YOUNGBLOOD’s return to Image Comics being reordered at an exponential rate, Image Comics has gone back to press to ensure copies are available for the foreseeable future. « We anticipated a high level of interest in Joe and Derec’s work on YOUNGBLOOD, but we were frankly caught off-guard by the amount of advance reorders the book generated as press time drew closer, » said Image Executive Director Eric Stephenson. « We’re thrilled with what the guys are doing with the book, though, and want to make sure copies are available for everyone interested in checking it out. »

The new YOUNGBLOOD comes courtesy of THE LAST DEFENDER’s Joe Casey and GREEN ARROW’s Derec Donovan, who previously worked together for a sixteen-issue run on ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, while being overseen and featuring variant covers by series creator Rob Liefeld. YOUNGBLOOD marks Casey’s second acclaimed relaunch of an Image classic. With WILDCATS, Casey was praised for upgrading the original concepts with a post-modern spin. Similarly, YOUNGBLOOD’s new direction combines the bombastic beginnings of Liefeld’s celebrity heroes such as Shaft and Badrock with the more classic approach developed by Alan Moore, featuring new heroes such Johnny Panic and Doc Rocket and Casey’s own sensibilities. In addition, a limited, black and white Rob Liefeld variant cover will be made available on as a 1-in-4 cover for retailers ordering the second printing.

YOUNGBLOOD 1 2nd (DEC078061), a 32-page comic book for $2.99, will be available in stores January 30th, 2008.