Voltron: Defender Of The Universe Hardcover Omnibus

6 décembre 2007 Non Par Comic Box

voltron0.jpg[ENGLISH] Devil’s Due tells us: This January marks the return  of Voltron! Devil’s Due Publishing is proud to announce the release  of the VOLTRON: DEFENDER OF THE UNIVERSE special edition hardcover,  collecting every issue of both volumes of the DDP Voltron series as  well as the never-before-seen 12th and final issue of this science  fiction epic! This 304-page hardcover is packed with bonus materials  including covers, sketchbooks, character designs, and features the  first and only reprinting of Mark (52) Waid’s « Origin of Zarkon » backup stories!

voltron_omnibus.jpg Inspired by the classic cartoon, Voltron: Defender of the Universe  tells the story of five misfit explorers who are sent to the planet Arus to find Voltron, a legendary mechanical warrior split into five  robot lions by an ancient curse. Once they reach Arus, they soon  discover that there is more to the legend than they had believed!  They find themselves under attack from the dreaded Drule Empire under  the leadership of the evil King Zarkon. Now it’s up to Keith, Lance,  Sven, Hunk, Pidge, and their new ally, Princess Allura to unearth the  secrets of Voltron before it’s too late.

voltron_12_011.jpg voltron_12_013.jpgThe limited-edition hardcover features the writing of Mark Waid (52,  Flash, Kingdom Come) Dan Jolley (JSA: The Liberty Files, G.I. Joe:  Frontline), Marie Croall and Mike O’Sullivan, as well as art/covers  by some of the industry’s top talents including Mark Brooks  (Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate Fantastic Four) Kaare Andrews (Spider  Man: Reign, The Incredible Hulk), Mike Norton (The All-New Atom,  Runaways), and more!

Voltron Complete Omnibus HC
Frequency of Publication: Hardcover Graphic Novel
Intended Audience: TR – Teen Readers 12+
Genre: Action, Fantasy/ TV Tie-In
Format: Graphic Novel, approx 304 pgs, FC, Hardcover w/Dust Jacket
Retail Price: $49.99
ISBN: 1-934692-06-9  ISBN 13: 978-1-934692-06-6