Tara McPherson Coloring Kit

21 juin 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Dark Horse tells us: Dark Horse Deluxe joins Tara McPherson to design the « Somewhere under the Rainbow Coloring Kit! » This unique « kit » comes in an exclusively designed carrying case and includes a very special, concealed spiral-bound 96-page coloring book featuring 48 black-and-white McPherson illustrations, four “color-them-yourself” postcards, a sticker sheet, and 24 crayons. As a must-have collector’s item for serious McPherson fans, this could be the beginning of a new trend in collectible products by some of the most highly regarded contemporary
artists in the industry.

In addition to the coloring kit, Dark Horse will be releasing a coffee mug and a second journal to complement its existing line of products based on Tara’s work.

The Tara McPherson “Somewhere under the Rainbow” Coloring Kit will be available in retail stores August 27, 2008, for $24.99. The “Love Blows” coffee mug is coming in June ($12.99) and the new “Mr. Wiggles” journal is scheduled for a mid-September release ($9.99).