[ENGLISH] Toronto, June 2008: Septagon Studios Inc. announced today that Masks will be the company’s second project. Masks will be making its full-color debut this summer. Written and illustrated by Aaron Rintoul (Dollhouse, The Never) Masks is a departure from Scorn, Septagon’s first project, with Masks’ emphasis on highly-rendered photography and design. Aaron Rintoul describes Masks as “a dark psychological thriller, a story in which certain details are left open to reader interpretation.”

Masks is a photographic poem as well as an exploration into the nature of identity. The story takes place inside the psyche of a girl named Sarah, who sees pieces of others’ past lives as well as memories of her own as she follows a phantom killer and his victims through a distorted reality.

“Masks will be a great addition to Septagon’s line-up. It has great visuals with a subdued story that complements the book’s art style. Aaron, as both writer and artist, has done a great job with this piece, and we’re proud to be publishing it,” said Nick Defina, President of Septagon Studios.

Masks #1 will available be this summer from Septagon Studios; more details are to follow.
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