Red 5 Comics Titles For May 2008

28 février 2008 Non Par Comic Box

c00019_400.jpg[ENGLISH] Red 5 Comics says: Here’s a look at the Red 5 Comics appearing in the current March issue of Diamond Previews, with titles shipping in April 2008. As previously announced, Red 5’s first “Free Comic Book Day” title, featuring all-new Atomic Robo and Neozoic tales. This issue will be free to you from participating comic shops. Be sure to ask for yours… and stay tuned to this website for more details. Since Red 5 is still a new publisher, you’ll likely have to pre-order our comics in order to get a copy. For your convenience, find your local comic shop (see our new Red 5-friendly list), or order online.

Atomic Robo / Neozoic – Free Comic Book Day (FEB080036)
c00019_400.jpgBeloved Atomic Robo is back! It’s 1961 and the Russians have built a bomb capable of destroying the whole planet. Only Atomic Robo can enter the heart of Communist Siberia and take on deadly Combots to save freedom. An all-new 16-page adventure by Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener. A telikos, the world’s largest meat-eating dinosaur, is snacking on the PDL horses… and protege dino-hunter Lilli Murko doesn’t like it one bit. All all-new Neozoic adventure illustrated by J. Korim and Jessie Lam.

Plus, catch a glimpse forward at 2008 adventures of Red 5 favorites and new faces.

32 pages, $0.00, 2008-05-03
Afterburn #3 (MAR083935)
c00020_400.jpgA year after the destruction of the Eastern Hemisphere by a massive solar flare, Jake finds himself cut-off from his treasure-hunting team pursuing the Korean army across the mutant-infested wastelands of China. Is he chasing his dangerous query and fortune? Or is he chasing the beautiful ninja who kicked his butt?
32 pages, $2.95, 2008-05-21