Preview: Star Wars: Legacy – War #1

13 décembre 2010 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Dark Horse Comics tells us: Darth Krayt has returned from the « dead, » stronger, more evil, and more determined than ever to crush the galaxy under his heel. With Emperor Roan Fel’s Imperials, the Galactic Alliance, the Jedi, and even some of his own Sith followers arrayed against him, Krayt would seem overmatched–but his enemies have not reckoned with the power of the dark side!

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If Cade Skywalker was ever going to run from his legacy, now would be the time!

Star Wars: Legacy—War #1
Writer: John Ostrander
Penciller: Jan Duursema
Inker: Dan Parsons
Colorist: Brad Anderson
Cover Artist: Jan Duursema
Genre: Star Wars

* Featuring Cade Skywalker!
* John Ostrander and Jan Duursema return to Legacy!
Publication Date: December 15, 2010
Format: FC, 40 pages
Price: $3.50
UPC: 7 61568 17111 2 00111