[ENGLISH] Forget John. Don’t even think about Barrack. And push Hillary out of your brain. Bill too, while you’re at it… Because there’s a new champion for the American people and his name is Uncle Slam! Part soldier, part machine, and all patriot–Uncle Slam is coming to the rescue in this funny and biting one-shot that isn’t going to take anything else sitting down. It’s about time that UNCLE SLAM FIGHTS BACK! “Uncle Slam is an idealistic innocent. He believes in the American Dream, but his vision of that dream is a little warped,” said creator Ande Parks. “Our story features Uncle Slam fighting a giant robotic
version of the evils facing our nation… terror, immigration, and gay marriage, on the stage of the Republican Convention! What could be more American than that?!”

“With all the drama already in full swing from the primaries and the guaranteed tension that’s going to mount right before the 2008 election, we think UNCLE SLAM is the breath of satiric relief the comic community’s going to need,” commented Oni Press Editor in Chief James Lucas Jones.

When asked about working on UNCLE SLAM, artist T.J. Kirsch responded, “I was excited from the start to work with Ande Parks and Oni on Uncle Slam. Who wouldn’t want to draw a comic starring an out-of-touch patriotic superhero and his robo-dalmatian? These characters have great personality and I hope that comes through.”

“UNCLE SLAM FIGHTS BACK will leave our hero in a better place than we find him,” concluded Parks. “Our story helps Slam remember what he really used to fight for; the promise of a country where a man could wake each morning certain that he would be greeted by a safe, warm house in a safe, warm neighborhood with safe, warm potential at every corner. Oh, and a safe, warm, perfectly fried corndog.”

UNCLE SLAM FIGHTS BACK! The biting political satire hits stands just in time for the 2008 convention season. With 48 black-&-white pages of madcap comedy for only $4.99, this is a “not-to-miss” title leading up to this year’s election.