Hellcats Grill Up Goodness

23 juin 2009 Non Par Comic Box

Hellcats Grill Up Goodness[FRENCH] Anti Cruelty Society teams up with Kathryn Immonen and Challengers Comics for Charity Cookout!  (Chicago IL, June 22, 2009)  Challengers Comics + Conversation will be holding a cookout from 12:00-3:00pm on June 27, 2009 featuring writer Kathryn Immonen and her new Marvel Comics graphic novel release, Patsy Walker: Hellcat.  Ms. Immonen will be on hand to sign copies of the trade as well as her first issue of Marvel Comics’ Runaways. All food items (hamburgers, soda, etc.) at the cookout will be $1. All proceeds will go to the Anti Cruelty Society of Chicago. Challengers Comics is located at 1845 N. Western Ave. 2R in Bucktown.

“Female heroines kicking butt and doing good is right up our alley,” explained Patrick Brower co-owner of Challengers Comics.  “The Anti Cruelty Society does really amazing things not only to enable people to take better care of their pets but also works to help communities understand and empathize with the animal world.  The more you learn about animals the more you will want to protect them and do right by them. Doing the right thing and protecting the innocent is what Patsy Walker: Hellcat is all about!” Fun on a bun!

To see more about Challengers Comics visit www.challengerscomics.com. To be added to their mailing list for events and news, email patrick@challengerscomics.com.  You can learn more about Chicago’s Anti Cruelty Society at www.anticruelty.org.   To view information about Patsy Walker: Hellcat and Runaways go to www.marvel.com. You can find out more about Kathryn Immonen at www.immonen.ca.

About Challengers Comics + Conversation:

Challengers Comics + Conversation opened their doors in April 2008 with the goal to open a store that embodied everything that W. Dal Bush and Patrick Brower had learned in their decades of experience working in comic book retail.  Patrick and Dal have been life long friends and comic book fans.  Challengers is a place to gather, to communicate and to enjoy to comic books as an art form.

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