Hack/Slash & Voltron Omnibuses To Be Released March 19

12 mars 2008 Non Par Comic Box

hackslash_cover.jpg[ENGLISH] Devil’s Due says: Two hotly anticipated Devil’s Due collections will hit stores on March 19. The first ever HACK/SLASH OMNIBUS and newly collected VOLTRON OMNIBUS bind more than two trade paperbacks apiece together with previously unreleased artwork and bonus content.The HACK/SLASH OMNIBUS brings together all of the one-shots preceding the HACK/SLASH ongoing series, as well as the miniseries THE LAND OF LOST TOYS. The new definitive collection of Tim Seeley’s original comic book series about a slasher movie survivor turned huntress also contains an inside look at the 2005 live HACK/SLASH play. The book includes story artwork by original HACK/SLASH artist Stefano Caselli, Frederica Manfredi, Steve Seeley, and others.

voltron_omnibus_sm.jpgDevil’s Due’s VOLTRON OMNIBUS joins both volumes of VOLTRON: DEFENDER OF THE UNIVERSE, including the previously unprinted VOL. II #12. The stories include work by legendary comic book creator Mark Waid and writer Dan Jolley, with artwork by Mark Brooks, Mike Norton, E.J. Su and others. The collection also contains concept art, character profiles and pin-ups from the two series.

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About Devil’s Due Publishing:
After exploding on the comic book scene by igniting the « 80s retro revival » in the industry, Devil’s Due quickly became one of the largest and most popular comic book publishers in the United States. Today DDP’s lineup is a diverse mix of original properties and licensed books including Drafted, Lost Squad, Sheena: Queen of the Jungle, G.I. Joe, Storm Shadow, Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, DemonWars, Voltron, The Nye Incidents, and the cult-favorite Hack/Slash, which is currently in pre-production as a feature film for Rogue Pictures.

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