Golden and Texeira receive Guest of Honor nods from NYCC !

24 janvier 2009 Non Par Comic Box

Spider-Man by Golden[ENGLISH] Eva Ink tells us: New York–  Baby it may be cold outside, but it will be nice and toasty inside the New York Comic Con at the Javits Center this February!! And adding to the red hot excitement is the addition of artist Michael Golden and painter Mark Texeira to the NYCC « Guest of Honor » role call.

Spider-Man by GoldenTaking place in the city that never sleeps February 6th-8th, the NYCC has quickly become THE East coast destination for comics, media tie-ins, gaming, film and more with a celebration that is high energy and certainly not to be missed!

The addition of comics creator Michael Golden as a « Guest of Honor » marks the artists return to the NYCC after two years! Co-creator of X-Men’s Rogue character, Bucky O’Hare and Spartan X, among much more, Michael is renowned for a whole series of ground-breaking books that have influenced our industry at various pivotal points, as well as inspired numerous generations of top-selling artists. Just a few of these well-loved stories include « Dr. Strange » #55; « The ‘Nam, » « Avengers Annual, » « Micronauts » and « G.I. Joe, »  among much more.

Recent projects focusing on the creator have documented this storytelling and design influence on our industry, including: « Michael Golden: Heroes and Villains Sketchbook » from Eva Ink; « Modern Masters in the Studio with Michael Golden » from TwoMorrows; the « Creator Chronicles: Michael Golden » DVD and tutorial from Eva Ink and Woodcrest Productions; and of course « The Art of Michael Golden » from Vanguard Productions, which has sold out and gone into a second printing! All are available at the NYCC.

And more good news for sketchbook collectors. Future projects include the upcoming sketchbook: « Michael Golden–Dangerous Curves, » featuring the girl art of Golden!!!

Witchblade by TexeiraFine art painter and sequential storyteller supreme, Mark Texeira also joins the ranks of « Guest of Honor » for the upcoming show. As a local New Yorker, Mark is happy to be taking part in the Big Apple’s supreme celebration of comics.  And it’s a natural fit for the born and bred city’s own.

Known for his work on the « Ghost Rider, » « Moon Knight, » « Black Panther, » and much more, Tex has a knack of bringing the reality, mood and feel to any story he tackles. His fine art style has also graced numerous album covers, magazine covers, paperback books, movie tie-ins, and gaming merchandise. His clients include such companies as Def Jam Records, Marvel Entertainment, Dynamite, Harris, DC… and pretty much every publisher we could name. His brush has brought life to such characters as Vampirella, Conan, and Batman as well as his creator-owned character Pscythe.

Projects in the works on Texeira include « Creator Chronicles: Mark Texeira » from Eva Ink and Woodcrest Productions, which is a comprehensive interview with Tex as well as a painting tutorial; AND « Tex: The Art of Mark Texeira–The Artist’s Great Escape, » a retrospective art book from Vanguard Production.  In addition, Eva Ink plans to publish a sketchbook of Texeira material later this year.

For the original art collector, Mark’s originals will happily be on view at an upcoming spotlight at the Society of Illustrators in Manhattan, as well as gallery show in Europe this May.

Other amazing « Guests of Honor » for the NYCC include; Adam Kubert, Andy Kubert, Brain Michael Bendis, Bruce Timm, Carmine Infantino, David Finch, Gabe & Tycho, Gabriele Dell-Otto, Geoff Jones, George Perez, Grant Morrison, Jim Lee, Matt Fraction, Michael Uslan, Mike Deodato, Jr., Neal Adams and Takashi Miike.

Both Texeira and Golden will be available in Artist’s Alley all days of the NYCC, with a signing at Manhattan’s Illustration House also planned, as well as a  Vanguard Productions panel at the convention spotlighting the creators. Check you schedule for time and place!

So, add to the body heat! Come inside, get warm, buy some comics, have some fun,  and we’ll see you at the NYCC!
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