Danny Ketch Returns To Ghost Rider!

28 mai 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Johnny Blaze is the Ghost Rider – so just why is his former ally and former Ghost Rider Danny Ketch on a quest to destroy him? GHOST RIDER #23 saw the return of Danny Ketch, the second man to bear the mantle of the Ghost Rider, and his startling return to the Marvel Universe has everyone wondering just what his true intentions are. For those unfamiliar to Ketch or those looking to relive his former glory as the Ghost Rider of 90’s, Marvel is pleased to announce GHOST RIDER SAGA, an exclusive « Marvel Digital Comic » to catch readers and fans up to date on the history of Danny Ketch.

Subscribers to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited get to read GHOST RIDER SAGA first and exclusively in a �Sneak Week� peek starting today through Monday, June 2 when it will be available for public viewing.�

Subscribers can read the Digital Comic right here: http://www.marvel.com/digitalcomics/titles/Ghost_Rider_Saga.2008.1

Just when he thought he would be able to live a normal life,�Danny finds himself pulled back into the world of the Spirit of Vengeance.� But what is the reason for his shocking return?

The GHOST RIDER SAGA is available�now and this eye-popping saga covers it all from the very first time Danny Ketch took up his motorcycle to his current mysterious return,

Written by Michael Hoskin