Creature Feature @ Th3rd World Studio

24 juin 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Following the success of their second comic series Space Doubles, a retro science fiction anthology, Th3rd World Studio’s presents Creature Feature, a double sized Drive In horror movie experience. “Creature Feature is something I’ve been preparing my whole life to edit. Hundreds of horror movies, most of them questionable in nature, filled my youth with hours of completely unsupervised fear, laughter, and in some extreme cases I’d rather not revisit, tears. To not only bring together, but to actually find, a group of like-minded 70s and 80s horror lovers is a real treat. And to be honest, shocked and frightened the hell out of me”, said series creator and Army of Darkness, Exiles scribe Mike Raicht.

Each issue is 48 pages with three and a half scintillating tales of monstrous horror done right by top industry veterans, including CB Cebulski, Chris Yost, Andy Schmidt, Stuart Moore, Leah Moore, John Reppion and Brian Smith. — over the top and gratuitous with a super-cool soundtrack. (Readers are responsible for providing their own tunes, so break out the 8-Track or dust off your 45’s!)

Grab a date, leave the kids at home, and stuff as many friends in your trunk as possible. The first issue hits stands in September with out of this world terror in Night of the Abductors by Chris Yost (writer of top selling titles X-FORCE and SECRET INVASION: YOUNG AVENGERS/RUNAWAYS), hot girls and their feathery friends in Hooters by CB Cebulski (SPIDER-MAN and X-MEN), creepy crawlies in Why Did It Have To Be Spiders? by Andy Schmidt (MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS and X-MEN: DIVIDED WE STAND) and the first half of the rocktacular Rockenstein by Brian Smith (THE ADVENTURES OF DANIEL BOOM AKA LOUDBOY and PICKLES FROM PLUTO) A tale so demented the Drive-In is only willing to screen the first half of it lest they get shut down altogether for public indecency!

“I think everyone will find something to entertain them in some way. At $4.50 for 48 pages it’s cheaper than going to your local movie theatre and you get three and a half features and a comic strip. All you need to do is provide the popcorn, soda and the date”, said Drive In host Mike Raicht.

Creature Feature is a two issue (48 pages B/W – $4.50) series with the first issue hitting shelves in September 08. (Diamond Order # JUL084217).