Comic Creator Steve Scott Joins Eva Ink Artist Group!

13 février 2009 Non Par Comic Box

yhst-20016640974949_41fd7c[ENGLISH] New York–You no doubt have seen the work of Smallville artist, Steve Scott if you are a fan of the hit TV show. But others have known about his work for quite some time! Steve first made his mark on the comics industry via his sequential art at Malibu Comics, his wildly popular stint on Razor for London Nights, as well as New Warriors, Hourman, and JLA for Marvel and DC Comics.

steve-scottNow, Eva Ink Artist Group is pleased to welcome Steve to their organization of top talent as they will be introducing him to an ever growing number of clients and art-lovin’ folks!

With an early resume like the one Steve has amassed, one wouldn’t think that up until recently–much like the superheroes he brings to life–Steve led a duel life for more than sixteen years: firefighter by day and artist by night! It took one horrible event to bring those two identities together. On September 11, 2001, he watched, with the rest of the nation as the Twin Towers fell. Soon afterwards, DC Comics published The Worlds Finest Comic Book: Writers & Artists Tell Stories to Remember. Steve was selected among the few to contribute to this historical collection, which was later exhibited, and is now archived, at the Library of Congress.


It took a second life-changing event to bring him fully into the comic book fold. Steve was continuing his firefighting career in Biloxi, Mississippi, and as fate would have it, was on duty during Hurricane Katrina–being one of the few firefighters to be interviewed by President Bush on his visit through the devastated area.

shehulk038025_colAs Steve relates in Wizard Magazine #193, the disaster was an emphatic catalyst for him to change course and pursue his love for art full-time.

All the original art I owned, the Golden’s etc.– all the art I saved and collected over the years, all ended up in the Gulf of Mexico, » he laments. But he and his family were safe.

Relocating away from the coast, Steve soon found himself surrounded by a community of artists in his new home–Atlanta, Georgia–and also found all the encouragement he needed from his contemporaries to pick up the pencil full time.


Immediately, Steve’s work began to appear in the pages of DC Comics Shadowpact, The Creeper, Batman Legends of the Dark Knight, and Checkmate. He got a particularly special kick out of bringing to life some of DC Comics strangest characters like Detective Chimp, Rex the Wonder Dog, Rag Man, The Phantom Stranger, and many others.

Recent projects at Marvel Comics, and DC Comics include working with industry legends Louise Simonson and Chris Claremont on the titles Magik and Exiles, as well as work on the Fantastic Four, Avengers, She-Hulk and The Hulk. Steve also recently finished a Kyle XY one-shot for Disney/ABC with writer Jeff Parker; Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods for Dark Horse, and a Batman Dark Knight adaptation, featuring the only artwork of Heath Ledger’s joker turn, which was an addition to the Blueray disk of the movie.

�Needless to say, we could not be happier to have Steve as part of our family of select artists,� commented Renee Witterstaetter of Eva Ink. �I’ve known Steve for some time, and know that his abilities and work ethic are both astounding.�

Steve joins other creators represented by Eva Ink including industry legend and co-creator of Rogue, artist Michael Golden and fine art painter Mark Texeira, well known for his Ghost Rider, Black Panther and MoonKnight work among much more.

Along with these two stellar artists, Steve’s work can currently be seen in the Astounding Art exhibit and sale at Manhattan’s Illustration House in Manhattan, with several pieces available for acquisition. Steve will also be featured in gallery shows and store signings in Europe this coming May.