chimaera-comics_logo.jpg[ENGLISH] Chimaera Studios President/CEO George T. Singley can now add Publisher to his title as CHIMAERA COMICS opens its doors for publication immediately with comic series releases beginning July/August of this year! CHIMAERA COMICS will be publishing cohesive continuity series of The Chimaera Hero Universe with titles like Consortium Of Justice, Wargod, Lonebow, Blaze Anderson: Cosmonaut!, Titus, The Byzantine, and an all new run of George T Singley’s fan favorite Image Comics series Hellhounds! Chimaera Comics will also be accepting submissions for creator owned projects to be selected and published under the Chimaera Comics banner.

wargod1a_cover1.jpgChimaera Studios will also be publishing the official CHIMAERA UNIVERSE ROLEPLAYING GAME with Mongoose Publishing (Conan, Judge Dredd, Elric, Runequest) this Spring 2008. The Core Handbook will be 240 pages of everything needed to start playing the game and become immediately immersed into the Universe. The first supplemental module for the game is the Hellhounds companion book with 90 pages of everything required for the Hellhounds slice of the Chimaera Hero Universe! More companion books will be released throughout the year.

George T Singley and Chimaera Studios/Chimaera Comics are represented by Ken F. Levin and NightSky Entertainment (in all facets of Hollywood and Entertainment licensing). Ken is recognized by the industry as one of the leading developers of comic art properties for film and television, was recently featured in VARIETY’s cover story on THE BOYS (set up with Neal Moritz of Original Entertainment and Jason Netter of Kickstart Entertainment for a tentpole theatrical motion picture at SONY Pictures’ Columbia Studios), and his successes include WANTED (being released by Universal Studios June 23rd, starring Angelina Jolie), Max Allan Collins’ ROAD TO PERDITION, Mike Mignola’s HELLBOY and HELLBOY 2 (being released July 11th, directed by Guillermo del Toro), to name just a few. NightSky Entertainment released this statement: “George Singley and Chimaera Studios are on the cutting edge of vanguard comic art properties, and we could not be happier to have this opportunity to work with them in the development of these extraordinary titles.”

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