Can Wolverine Remain The Best At What He Does?

29 novembre 2007 Non Par Comic Box

wolvi1.jpg[ENGLISH] Marvel tells us: The odds are stacked against Logan in Wolverine: Firebreak! A fast-burning chemical-based forest fire temporarily blinds Wolverine, and forces him to rely on his four remaining senses while leading a lost family out of the forest to safety! This brand-new one-shot story by acclaimed author Mike Carey (X-Men) and fan favorite artist Scott Kolins (Omega Flight) also features the enigmatic men and women of the terrorist group Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.). Will Wolverine still be the best at what he does, when he only has four senses to rely upon? And what exactly is A.I.M. doing in the middle of the woods?


Fan-favorite X-Men scribe, Mike Carey with the help of the fantastic Scott Kolins, has delivered a classic Wolverine story that cuts to the heart of that character�s nobility and heroism, says Wolverine: Firebreak editor Aubrey Sitterson. Also, as a special treat, a back-up story from up-and-comers Macon Blair and Vasilis Lolos!


Wolverine played with fire and now he’s about to get burned as everyone’s favorite Can-knucklehead combats an uncontrollable conflagration in Wolverine: Firebreak!

Written by MIKE CAREY
Art and Cover by SCOTT KOLINS
Rated T+ �$3.99
FOC�11/29/07, On-Sale 12/19/07 Comic Collector