Black Summer Alpha Collects Beginning of Ellis Saga

24 octobre 2007 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Avatar tell us: Collecting the first two issues of Warren Ellis’ acclaimed masked hero series, BLACK SUMMER ALPHA will be available October 24th for only $2.99. Issues #0 and #1 are brought together in this new edition featuring brand new covers by series artist Juan Jose Ryp. This full color book written by Warren Ellis, drawn by Juan Jose Ryp, and colored by Mark Sweeney captures the beginning of one of this year’s most talked about new series.

« Black Summer has been an amazing seller for us, » says Avatar Editor-in-Chief William Christensen. « The unbeatable team of Warren Ellis and Juan Jose Ryp has been delivering one perfect issue after another. Both the #0 and #1 are over 30,000 total copies sold and we still can’t fill demand. We did huge over-printings on #2 and #3 and with Black Summer Alpha getting #0 and #1 back in print, we are looking forward to keeping all issues of this powerhouse book
available for retailers for as long as we can. »

ALPHA features three brand new covers from series artist Juan Jose Ryp. The standard cover is ready and will ship immediately from Diamond. The Wraparound cover and special Poster Edition will be available in January 2008. The Poster Edition comes bagged with a 24 x 36 poster of #0’s original cover and is priced at $5.99.

Hailed by press and fans alike as a raw and provocative take on the superhero genre, the first two issues of 2007’s most controversial series are available again in a new book. BLACK SUMMER ALPHA hits stores October 24, and copies are available to retailers for immediate shipment from Diamond — order code AUG078104. The Wraparound cover and Poster Edition will ship in January 2008. Readers interested in getting the standard cover immediately
or preordering the Wraparound and Poster Edition should ask their local retailer about them.

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