muse.jpg[ENGLISH] Bluewaters says: We have listed a bunch of new titles on WOWIO. There are some that are excluive to WOWIO. As well as some of the novels we have written. Here is the list of what was posted today. We will be putting all the old Image Comics books up there as well. Wowio is 100% free to donwload. There are over 50 titles from Bluewater now. There is a limit of 30 titles a month!


10th Muse: Maze of the Minotaur (Prose Novel)
10th Muse: Blade of Medusa (Prose Novel)
10th Muse / Koni Waves Crossover 01
Ray Harryhausen Presents: 20 Million Miles More 04
The Blackbeard Legacy 04
The Legend of Isis 02:03
The Legend of Isis 02:04
Ray Harryhausen Presents: Jason & the Argonauts: Kingdom of Hades 01
Orion the Hunter Giant Sized