’68: Hardship @ Image Comics

8 juin 2011 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Image Comics tells us: Berkeley, CA – 8 June 2011 – The next zombie hit comes from none other than Image Comics, the publisher that introduced fans to the international best-selling hit THE WALKING DEAD. ’68: HARDSHIP is a stand alone story based in the grisly world that horror writer Mark Kidwell carved out in the first two issues of the ’68 miniseries. Along with gifted colorist Jay Fotos, guest artist Jeff Zornow (TYRANNOSAURUS REX, HACK/SLASH) illustrates the horrific details of this story about what happens to one soldier when he returns home.

“68: HARDSHIP is my return to the zombie/horror genre, » Zornow explained. « This is the darkest zombie book I have ever illustrated. Brutal and to the point, this is a detailed description of the American nightmare, which opens the gates to an undead apocalypse! »

« They say you can’t go home again,” Kidwell commented. “And HARDSHIP proves that old adage in spades. We’re giving readers a look at the American heartland invaded by the hungry undead through the eyes of a battle-fatigued soldier who’s seen far too much horror. This book is dark, hardcore and doesn’t flinch. »

In ‘68: HARDSHIP, a young soldier comes back home from Vietnam. However, seen through the eyes of one traumatized by battle and suffering from previously latent schizophrenia, Nebraska does not appear to be the gentle place of his memories. In fact, it appears to be a battleground teaming with the threats of enemy occupation… from both ‘Charlie’ and the undead. ’68: HARDSHIP is a journey into a psychological realm of hallucination, violence and undead horror!

’68: HARDSHIP (ONE SHOT), a 32-page full color horror comic book, will be on sale August 24th for $3.99.

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