Avant-Got VO: Review Mighty Avengers #16 [Eng]

15 juillet 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] While the Secret Invasion continues in the pages of the eponymous title, Bendis keeps using both of the Avengers series to reveal the making-of the Skrull masterplan. Since the whole story began with Elektras autopsy, it was only a matter of time before we would learn what happened to the Hands leader. Unfortunately, this new episode isnt quite as flavourful as the previous ones, due to a huge lack of revelations

After Hank Pym and Jessica Drew last month, Bendis is now ready to reveal what happened to Elektra. But maybe he should have played that card a little earlier, since the main problem with this episode is that we arent going to learn anything new. Since its a fact that Elektra was replaced by a Skrull, you don’t exactly need a PhD in criminology to figure out that she has taken a beating and has been taken care of (since we don’t yet know what the Skrulls are doing with the original bodies). There it is: I just summed up the whole thing, but without breaking the non-spoiler policy that allows us to write those reviews. Sounds like a problem to me

To be honest, I must point out that Khoi Pham does an honorable job pencilling the multple fights throughout the episode (you didnt think Elektra would go down without trying, did you?). The only interest of the fight scenes is to see which power combinations the Skrulls came up with to bring down the gorgeous ninja. And that’s not much if you’re not a hardcore fan (and/or didnt read the old X-Men episodes featuring Mimic, where the idea is essentially the same). This is a real pity since, in my opinion, last months Avengers episodes showed us how the whole flash-back technique can be interesting when Bendis fills the voids of the Secret Invasion storyline, while implying things that could have a major impact on the bigger picture (did the Skrulls have anything to do with Cassandra Novas actions or The Scarlet Witchs nervous breakdown?) Whatever. Since Secret Invasion has been really intriguing so far, and considering the fact that it has to last 3 more months, we can easily forgive Bendis for this temporary slump. Lets just hope he still has a few aces up his sleeve…

[Antoine Maurel]