Preview : The Master of Quack-Fu Returns!

6 septembre 2007 Non Par Comic Box

howard0.jpgMarvel tells us: Imagine a world without internet, television, or even radio… a dark, lonely, and terrible place. Who is to blame for this desolate, media-free wasteland? Why, none other than Marvel’s furious fowl, Howard the Duck! Last seen dealing with the intracies of whether an alien duck has to register for the Super Hero Registration Act in Civil War: Choosing Sides, Howard returns for an all-new adventure in Howard the Duck #1!

Writer Ty Templeton and artist Juan Bobillo, both of She-Hulk fame, bring you a new spin on the comedic bird from Duckworld that introduces everyone’s favorite surly duck to a new generation. This time, Howard the Duck is facing a foe more dastardly than Dr. Bong, Garko the Man-Frog and the sinister Hellcow combine. His deadliest enemy is the media?!?!? The voluptuous vixen known as Beverly Switzler is here to help out her duck-billed lover, but the largest head in the Marvel Universe, M.O.D.O.K. is A.I.Ming his giant noggin in their direction! Nuff said.

This Fall, only one word can sum up all the over-the-top, feather-brained action in Howard the Duck #1 WAAAUGH!!!

Pencils and Cover by JUAN BOBILLO
Rated A?$2.99
FOC – 9/13/07, On-Sale – 10/3/07