Young what? YOUNG LIARS/David Lapham

1 mars 2008 Non Par Comic Box

ylia_cv1_solicit.jpg[ENGLISH] DC/Vertigo tells us: From David Lapham, the Eisner award-winning writer and artist of Stray Bullets, comes a thrilling–and not to mention his first–full-color monthly series, YOUNG LIARS #1 (Vertigo / March 5, 2008). What happens when a young, meek heiress from Austin, TX, becomes addicted to drugs, moves to NYC and gets a bullet lodged in her brain?  Well, if you’re Sadie Dawkins, you lose most of your memory and emotions, become a strong, confident, adrenaline junkie who believes that you’re bulletproof . . . and of course, you want to dance. But who shot Sadie and why?

Meet the YOUNG LIARS: Annie X—the bulimic ex-model, Donnie—the transvestite druggy with a good heart, Cee Cee—the rock band groupie, Truman Runco—the schemer, and Danny—the habitual liar with an unnatural stalker-like obsession for Sadie.

Sadie drags her group of misfit friends through one hair raising adventure after another stretching from the gritty, violent streets and clubs of Manhattan, around the world, and back.

The music’s pounding. The heart-rates are racing. The club is jumping. Lapham keeps you on the edge of your seat searching for all the answers in this fast-paced, action packed story that is only enhanced by the psychedelically eye popping art. So, join the adventure and pick up YOUNG LIARS.