Willow Creek Mini-Series Back On Track

7 mars 2008 Non Par Comic Box

wcreekcov.jpg[ENGLISH] Zenescope says: Josh Medors, artist and co-creator of Zenescope Entertainment’s upcoming and much anticipated new werewolf series WILLOW CREEK had to undergo spinal surgery this past December after doctors discovered a tumor on his spine. « Josh has been one of my best friends for many years, » said Christian Beranek, co-writer of WILLOW CREEK. « The entire team was shocked when we heard the news about his surgery. I’m just thankful the doctors caught it in time. »


Medor’s tumor was benign but still posed a life-threatening health threat. The risky surgery took hours as surgeons had to cut an eight-inch hole in Josh’s back to remove the tumor. Medors then needed to learn to walk again and has just recently begun to regain feeling in his legs. “Josh has been through a heck of a lot these last few months and the whole time he’s remained unbelievably committed to completing this series. He’s not only extremely talented but he’s a workaholic so we really needed to force him to pace himself since the surgery.” said Zenescope’s Ralph Tedesco. “This situation obviously delayed the release of the series and we sincerely apologize for that. Ideally you never want to ship late but realistically life throws curveballs at everyone and Josh’s health absolutely needs to come first. We’re just glad that he’s close to feeling a hundred percent now.”

Following a two month delay issue #0 of the 5 part mini-series shipped to retailers last week with issue #1 scheduled to hit shelves early next month.