Walking Dead 50 Sells Out With Highest Ever Print Run!

8 juillet 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Image Comics says: In less than a day after release, WALKING DEAD 50 has sold out at the distribution level despite a record high print run, but a second printing is on the way. « Like INVINCIBLE 50, we printed more than we’ve ever printed before to ensure there were more than enough to meet demand, » said series writer Robert Kirkman. « However, this one sold out even faster and the subsequent orders really blew us away. We’re going to print even more than usual for the second printing in an effort to make sure everyone gets their copies. With 50 behind us, Charlie and I have our sights set on issue 100, so this sell out and record sales on our most recent issue are excellent signs of the health of this series and how easy it will be to meet our new goal… and exceed it! »

WALKING DEAD 50 marked a major turning point in the series, with a long-time character taking center stage after a devastating attack on the prison base. Now a new era begins with our cast once again on the road. To celebrate the sell out, the second printing will feature an all-new cover by series artist Charlie Adlard.

WALKING DEAD 50 2nd printing, a 32-page black and white comic book for $2.99, is due in stores this July.