[ENGLISH] SLG tells us: Ursa Minors is the new SLG graphic novel that answers the eternal question: What would happen if three twenty-something slackers get a hold of mysterious robotic bear suits, fully equipped with everything you could possibly need to kick a whole lot of ass? Well, a lot of cussing, Internet arguing, movie-referencing, beer-drinking and, of course, a whole lot off ass-kicking. Tom, Harry and Richard–also known as Bear One, Two and Three–use their super-strength, night vision and razor sharp claws to battle it out with ninjas, hippies, and robots by night and to do absolutely nothing useful by day.

Ursa Minors co-creators Paul Cote and Neil Kleid (Brownsville) set out to create an action comedy « fight comic » in the tradition of Scott Pilgrim or Street Angel. « We forget that they’re called ‘funny books’ for a reason, » said Kleid of the more « serious » spate of comics to hit the market. He and Cote fired up their instant messengers, kept some booze handy, and over the course of many late-night conversations, came up with Ursa Minors, a comic book about three guys Kleid calls « pop-culture-obsessed, beer-drinking misanthropes who contribute nothing to society except busted heads and unpaid bar tabs. »

Cote and Kleid turned to finding an artist for their creation and soon teamed up with Fernando Pinto. « Fernando’s art captured the energy and zaniness of what we’re wrote, » said Cote. « He’s got lots of ideas and he never fails to crack me up with his artwork. »

« The moment I saw his work I knew his style was a match for this insane, insane comic book, » Kleid added.

Pinto’s touches include a zipper in every robotic bear suit. « I always wondered how Iron Man went to the bathroom in that big clunky armor, » he said, « so I decided to address that. »

A bit more creative back and forth, and the trio had on their hands a comic full of what Pinto describes as « Action, comedy, sexiness, bears, little people, ninjas, robots and more sexiness. »

Ursa Minors: The Collected Wait-for-the-Trade Edition collects all three issues of Ursa Minors, plus an all-new bonus story, and the first-ever, never-before-seen Ursa Minors story. It will be available in September 2008 and can be pre-ordered at comic book stores through Diamond with the code JUL083614.

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