Top Cow In July 2009

17 avril 2009 Non Par Comic Box

Top Cow In July 2009[ENGLISH] Top Cow tells us: Top Cow’s July 2009 Checklist is available here – Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer, Berserker, Fusion, Dragon Prince, Impaler, Witchblade, Art of Top Cow, Witchblade/Darkness/Angelus: Blood on the Sands…

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Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer #1        Mark Waid/Kenneth Rocafort/Mike Choi    $2.99
Berserker #2                Rick Loverd/Jeremy Haun/Dale Keown    $2.99
Fusion #3                Abnett/Lanning/Kirkham/Choi        $2.99
Dragon Prince #1-4 Reader Set    Marz/Moder                    $7.99
Impaler #5                William Harms/Matt Timson            $2.99
Witchblade #128            Ron Marz/Stjepan Sejic            $2.99
Witchblade #125 ECCC Var Cvr    Marz/Sejic/Silvestri                $10.00
Art of Top Cow HC            Silvestri/Top Cow’s Finest            $49.99
Witchblade Vol 7 TPB            Marz/Sejic                    $14.99
Witchblade/Darkness/Angelus: Blood on the Sands Sgn    Smith/Mitchell/Grindberg/Admira        $14.99

Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer #1 (of 5)
(W) Mark Waid    (A) Kenneth Rocafort        (Cov) Rocafort, Mike Choi & Sonia Oback

Top Cow’s technology based teams collide in a critical crossover event that will have everyone talking this summer!
The Hunter-Killer team’s directive to hunt down and detain rogue Ultra-Sapiens brings them head to head with the Cyberforce team in a brutal showdown that leaves more than one member bleeding. But who is manipulating these two teams into conflict and to what end?
The team of writer and Hunter-Killer co-creator Mark Waid (Amazing Spider-Man, Irredeemable) and artist Kenneth Rocafort (Astonishing Tales, Madame Mirage) bring you a crossover filled with epic action, intrigue, lies, and betrayal. Featuring two connected covers by series artist Rocafort and a third variant cover by Mike Choi and Sonia Oback (Uncanny X-Men, X-Force).

Cover A – Kenneth Rocafort Hunter-Killer
Cover B – Kenneth Rocafort Cyberforce
Cover C – Mike Choi & Sonia Oback

Full Color        32 pages        $2.99      limited series

Expected Ship Date – July 22nd, 2009

Berserker #2
(W) Rick Loverd    (A) Jeremy Haun    (Cov) Dale Keown, Jeremy Haun

The bone-crushing new series produced by Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia and DiVide Pictures continues this month!
Farris and Aaron, the two young men afflicted with uncontrollable powers fueled by anger, find out that their outbursts have deadly consequences. Meanwhile, agents of Midgard and Asgard move in to acquire both men for their own purposes. Farris and Aaron must each choose their own path, but do they really understand where the paths lead?
Featuring variant covers by series artist Jeremy Haun (Battle for the Cowl: Arkham) and Dale Keown (The Darkness/Pitt).

Cover A – Dale Keown
Cover B – Jeremy Haun

Full Color        32 pages        $2.99      ongoing series

Expected Ship Date – July 29th, 2009

Fusion #3 (of 3)
Starring Cyberforce, Hunter-Killer, Avengers, & Thunderbolts
(W) Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning    (A) Tyler Kirkham    (Cov) Mike Choi & Sonia Oback

The mother of all Top Cow/Marvel concludes in July! The battle explodes deep inside Thunderbolt Mountain as a horrifying new villain emerges to threaten everyone!
Amidst an atmosphere of mistrust, the teams of Cyberforce, the Mighty Avengers, and Thunderbolts frantically struggle to contain the threat inadvertently created by Ellis of Hunter-Killer. The writing team of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (Guardians of the Galaxy, War of Kings) and Top Cow favorite artist Tyler Kirkham (Ultimate Fantastic Four, Broken Trinity: Aftermath) bring you a perfect lead into this summer’s Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer event.

Full Color        32 pages        $2.99      limited series

Expected Ship Date – July 15th, 2009

Dragon Prince #1-4 Reader Set
(W) Ron Marz            (A) Lee Moder

Get all four issues of Top Cow’s first All Ages series in this convenient reader pack! Young Aaron has always struggled to fit in, but imagine his surprise when he discovers his real father is a dragon!

Full Color    $7.99        Set (x 4 Comics)

Impaler #5
(W) William Harms    (A) Matt Timson    (Cov) Matt Timson

This fresh, new take on the vampire mythos from International Horror Guild-nominated writer William Harms continues!
Victor learns the price for his miraculous recovery – vampires can no longer kill him. Vlad demands Victor’s eternal servitude as payment. In Washington, D.C., Lt. George Wagner and his men take refuge at the top of the Washington Monument, but things take a turn for the worst when one of Wagner’s own turns on him.

Full Color        32 pages        $2.99        ongoing series

Expected Ship Date – June 3rd, 2009

Witchblade #128
“War of the Witchblades” Part 3 (of 6)
(W) Ron Marz        (A) Stjepan Sejic      (Cov) Stjepan Sejic & Luke Ross

The momentous “War of the Witchblades” story arc continues!
Every war has casualties and the climactic battle in Witchblade #127 has left both Sara and Dani lying on the ground. Which one will rise to reunite the Witchblade? Or will the Witchblade choose a new bearer entirely to carry the mantle of The Balance?
Featuring a beautiful homage variant cover by Luke Ross (Captain America)!

Cover A – Stjepan Sejic
Cover B – Luke Ross

Full Color        32 pages        $2.99      ongoing series

Expected Ship Date – July 8th, 2009

Witchblade #125 Emerald City Comic-Con Silvestri Variant Cover
(W) Ron Marz        (A) Stjepan Sejic    (Cov) Marc Silvestri

Don’t miss your chance to get Witchblade co-creator Marc Silvestri’s interpretation of “Dark Sara” previously available only at Emerald City Comic-Con! Quantities are limited, allocations may occur.

Full Color    40 pages    $10.00    Convention Exclusive

The Art of Top Cow Hard Cover
(A) Marc Silvestri, Dale Keown, Michael Turner, David Finch, Joe Benitez, Stjepan Sejic, Eric Basaldua, and many, many more        (Cov) Marc Silvestri & Steve Firchow

One of Top Cow’s lasting legacies in the comic world is the studio and Marc Silvestri’s impact on the face of comic art. Today’s top artist lists is filled with alumni of the famous Top Cow “Pit”. The Art of Top Cow is a gigantic collection that combines The Art of The Darkness, The Art of Witchblade and The Art of Marc Silvestri, plus select additional pieces drawn by some of the best artists to have graced the pages and covers of Top Cow titles. This is the definitive art collection for the ultimate art fan.
This over-sized 10” x 12” coffee table book will feature a beautiful dust cover with a unique poster printed on the inside of the dust cover.

Full Color        320 pages        $49.99        hard cover

Expected Ship Date – July 22nd, 2009

Witchblade Vol. 7 Trade Paperback
(W) Ron Marz        (A) Stjepan Sejic    (Cov) Stjepan Sejic

The new era of Witchblade featuring the team of writer Ron Marz and artist Stjepan Sejic continues! The pair committed to staying on the title until at least issue #150 and their second complete arc together entitled “Crown Heights” is collected in this trade paperback. More importantly this storyline sets the stage and leads directly into “War of the Witchblades”.
Collects Witchblade #120-#124 plus an additional story previously featured in Top Cow’s 2008 Free Comic Book Day offering, a cover gallery featuring Stjepan Sejic, Matt Haley, Tyler Kirkham, and plenty of bonus materials.

Full Color        176 pages        $14.99        trade paperback

Expected Ship Date – July 29th, 2009

Witchblade/Darkness/Angelus Trinity: Blood on the Sands Signed Edition
(W) Philip W. Smith        (A) Sheldon Mitchell, Tom Grindberg, & Admira Wijaya    (Cov) Stjepan Sejic
Get this limited edition signed by writer Philip W. Smith and artist Sheldon Mitchell. Quantities are limited, allocations may occur.

Full Color    32 pages    $14.99    Signed Edition