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13 février 2008 Non Par Comic Box

sojourn6_01lg.jpg[ENGLISH] Checker BPG says: Checker Book Publishing Group is pleased to announce three new Crossgen books began being shipped by Diamond Comic Distributors the week of February 4th. These books continue the fan favorite series. The following books are in this shipment : Negation Hounded, Vol. 3 – Many years from now, conquest-hungry Charon rules the Negation Empire, where mercy is weakness at best and treason at worst. Kidnapped from Earth by Charon’s alter-egos, the Lawbringers, a small band of survivors have escaped his prison. Much like those of the dead rejected by Charon’s namesake in the Greek myth, they seem doomed to wander until they find a way home to cross over, in this case returning to earth. A few among their number are touched by the gods – Sigil bearers. The escapees banded together with the last known survivors from earth, the suddenly superhuman Australians and the Atlanteans. Can they master their new powers in time to aid the rescue mission and daring attack of the Imperial Palace on the Negation Throneworld? Will the hero, Kaine, be able to use Komptin and escape the legendary place of punishment, Karakorum, before the remainder of humanity on earth shares his fate?

Negation Hounded, Vol. 3 Writer, Tony Bedard, Illustrator, Paul Pelletier $17.95, ISBN-10 1-933160-63-2, ISBN-13 978-1-933160-63-4, 172 pages, full color, glossy paper stock

Sigil V. 6 Planetary Union
As repairs to the Bitterluck continue at the edge of a black hole, Sam and Roiya Avatar fight off stellar junkyard dogs. Meanwhile the traitor, Sultan Ronolo has been awoken from stasis on the lizard ship and is about to get his comeuppance. General Tchlusarud has survived the sigil’s power and the Saurians have a new, merciless king, willing to sacrifice his own citizens to his cause. Somewhere in deep space, a member of Sam’s crew betrays him.

Having been bestowed the Sigil, Samandahl Rey has now become the main weapon of the five worlds of the Planetary Union, but like the two halves of the Sigil, light and dark, there is both good and evil in this bequest. The dark Negation Universe is just waiting for an opportunity to break through into the light. Tactically speaking, what do you do if you want to invade a civilization?

Sigil V. 6 Planetary Union Writer, Chuck Dixon; Illustrator, Scott Eaton $17.95, ISBN-10 1-933160-67-5, ISBN-13 978-1-933160-67-2, 172 pages, full color, glossy paper stock

Sojourn Volume 6 – The Berzerker’s Tale
Volume 6 continues with Arwyn and company arriving in Skarnheim, home of the Iskani race of ice trolls. Tragedy has struck the Iskani, the murder of an entire village by an evil long-forgotten. The tale of the berzerkers unfolds as Arwyn, Gareth and Cassidy follow Gustavus and his men into the hills to find and kill the last of them. Meanwhile, Mordath has hired a bounty hunter to track Arwyn, with orders to kill.

Arwyn and her companions must face this powerful beast in the wilds of Skarnheim, but will the company be successful? Will Arwyn, the hope of the five kingdoms, survive unscathed? Will the last fragment of Ayden’s arrow be found and Mordath destroyed for good before he has a chance to become totally human again?

Sojourn Volume 6 – The Berzerker’s Tale Writer, Ian Edginton, Illustrator, Greg Land $17.95, ISBN-10: 1-933160-72-1, ISBN-13 978-1-933160-72-6, 172 pages, full color, glossy paper stock

Checker Book Publishing Group was established in 2000 to bring the absolute best of dormant, unpublished, and under-published serial comics and cartooning back to print. A private concern, Checker compiles complete, durable and affordable cartoon trade books for sale to such comic shops, bookstores and libraries as may require them for resale or public archiving. Checker Book Publishing Group is located in Dayton, Ohio.

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