The Green Hornet Strikes! #1

8 mars 2010 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Dynamite tells us: Acclaimed Writer Brett Matthews joins John Cassaday to launch a new Green Hornet comic! Following the successful launch of Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet and Matt Wagner’s upcoming Green Hornet Year One #1, Dynamite Entertainment is proud to introduce an all-new, all-different Green Hornet in The Green Hornet Strikes! #1.  But who is this Green Hornet?  Is he a hero?  A criminal?  He doesn’t even know, himself.  In a near future where the financial crisis has not been resolved, Chicago is more corrupt than ever. The rich are few and wield unimaginable power and influence. The poor are countless and live without hope. Gangs vie for control of the streets. Heroes have long been forgotten, until now!

With Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet reaching mainstream attention on MTV and, not to mention his own Twitter account, now is the time to jump on the Green Hornet Bandwagon!  The Green Hornet Strikes! #1 is an easily accessible comic book featuring the writing of acclaimed Lone Ranger scribe Brett Matthews, cover artist John Cassaday and interior artist Ariel Padilla!  Witness the birth of a new Green Hornet in The Green Hornet Strikes! #1!

« The Green Hornet Strikes! features a new version of the character, in a near-future world where the financial crisis we face today didn’t resolve neatly, » says writer Brett Matthews. « At its core, it explores all the things THE GREEN HORNET has always been about — corruption. The fine line between hero and criminal. Politics and legacy — but through the filter of its young protagonist, who is a little less stable and certain of his actions. It’s faithful to what’s come before but definitely its own thing, like THE LONE RANGER but taking the approach much further. It’s a unique book. It had to be, to earn its place in such a solid lineup. »

« It’s new and fresh, and not the typical Green Hornet story most know from the 1960’s, » states artist Ariel Padilla. « The comic has a futuristic feel, but it will have a different look that will surprise readers. »

« Brett is a great writer with the ability to take a character to his core being, and flesh him out and make he or she more interesting.  We’re fortunate to have him with John Cassaday (the Green Hornet’s #1 fan) and showcasing the art of Ariel Padilla in this new ongoing series.  This is NOT the Green Hornet you know, but it will be a new one to enjoy! » stated Dynamite President and Publisher Nick Barrucci.


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