Steve Niles And Mike Mayhew Go Savage With Shadowline This October!

15 juillet 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Image Comics says: After illustrating covers with many of the best and brightest superheroes in comics, Mike Mayhew returns to interiors as 30 DAYS OF NIGHT writers Steve Niles and Dan Wickline craft a horrific tale of man’s primal nature unleashed in October’s SAVAGE. « As a kid, I was always more drawn to horror comics, but I’ve never had the opportunity return to that as an adult, » said Mayhew. « SAVAGE is my chance to take everything I loved so much about the genre and run with it. The story Steve conceived with Dan hits every note I was hungry to hit and despite this being Jeff Frank’s debut, he knocks the script out of park with Dan’s help. Everyone involved knows and loves horror like nobody’s business. »

With SAVAGE, the creators aim to hit every aspect of the horror genre – from madmen, murderers and most of all, monsters – as the series culminates an all-out war between bigfoot and a clan of werewolves.

Shadowline Publisher Jim Valentino added, « We’ve been looking for a good horror story for a while and Steve, Jeff and Dan have given us one we can (ahem!) sink our teeth into. And Mike’s artwork is nothing short of superlative! This is one to read under the covers…with a flashlight. »

SAVAGE #1, a 32-page full color comic book for $3.50, will go on sale October 29th.