Starship Troopers’Triple Threat in July

29 avril 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] AAM/Markosia, publishers of The Flying Friar, King Kong, and the critically acclaimed The Boy Who Made Silence, announce « Triple Threat », the biggest event ever in the Starship Troopers ongoing series. Three stories, linked over two parts by writer Cy Dethan, with guest writers Tony Lee (Doctor Who) and Christian Beranek (Willow Creek), and guest artists Neil Edwards, Scott James and Jim Boswell. It’s the Vandals versus the Tigers in a race to save the federation against the Civilian Militia — but who are the Reaper Cell and what is their connection to SICON?

Publisher Harry Markos, says « When Tony (Lee) came up with the idea for ‘Triple Threat’ the first thing that came to mind was ‘well that’s different!’, but the more I thought about it the more excited I got about the idea of having three stories in one, especially with the three great teams that are working on it. We’ve made some great strides with Starship Troopers over the past year or so and ‘Triple Threat’ is a great way of bringing some of the previous units and characters back into the fold along with introducing some new characters that we will feature in the future. It promises to be an interesting journey! »

« When Harry asked me to come on board to co-write the story, my immediate answer was ‘yes’, » says Christian Beranek. « Now, I don’t do a lot of licensed comics or work for hire books, but Starship Troopers is one of my favourite franchises. As was the case with writing the origin of John Doe for Se7en, I had a blast helping define a new element in the ST universe: the psychics! Expect some mental carnage, for sure. »

Starship Troopers: Triple Threat runs in issues 9 and 10. The first part will be out in July, with the conclusion following in August.

Founded in 2005, AAM/Markosia is one of the leading independent publishers in the industry today. 2008 promises to be a banner year, as the company plans to launch several new titles, such as Lazarus: Immortal Coils, Eleventh Hour and N-Guard.

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