[ENGLISH] William Katt, TV’s « Greatest American Hero, » is launching a new independent comic book company called « Catastrophic Comics. » The company releases its first title « Sparks » tomorrow in comic book store across the country. « Sparks » is a six-issue mini-series, 32 pages in full color and sells for a suggested retail price of $2.99. Set in 1948, this super-noir thriller follows Ian Sparks, a masked vigilante who discovers the price to pay to become a hero is too high, finding himself in a dark, relentless story about self discovery, heroism, failed lives and redemption.

Early reviews of the book have been phenomenal, thanks in part to the amazing artwork by JM Ringuet, known for « Transhuman. » « This book opens up firing on all cylinders and to be honest a book has not excited me as much as this one from the first issue. Not Proof, not Transhuman, heck I can’t think of anything that I genuinely enjoyed this much from the get go, » said Lee Newman of « Broken Frontier » fame.

Jim Martin of « Comics and…other Imaginary Tales » gives an A grade and says, « This book is excellent. The ending was terrific as you want to get to the next page as they are exploring a mystery as to what is going on inside of this building. What was so well done is they dropped all narration and dialogue so the pace was increased since you only needed to look at the pictures. At the end of issue #1, you have to get issue #2. »

« My goal for Catastrophic Comics is to tell original stories, with amazing art work, that don’t suck. And I can’t imagine a better book to launch our company with than Sparks. JM and Chris have done a superb job with this gritty book, » commented William Katt

Sparks was co-created by William Katt and Christopher Folino, the writer/director of the cult comedy film « Gamers. » Folino penned the series for Sparks while Katt served as the main writer for two of Catastrophic Comics’ upcoming titles.

« This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m just trying to make sure every panel counts, because, I really don’t want to be known as ‘the guy’ who bankrupted the Greatest American Hero, » stated Christopher Folino

Catastrophic Comics has also teamed up with Sean O’Reilly from Arcana Studios for perhaps one of the biggest surprise announcements for this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego, CA.

« Thursday, July 24th, come to room 7A, at 12:30PM. That’s all I can legally say for now. It’s twenty-five years in the making, » stated Katt.

For more information about Catastrophic Comics, visit www.catastrophiccomics.com.