Shinku #1 spills blood, sells out

9 juin 2011 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Image Comics tells us: Berkeley, CA – 9 June 2011 – Vampires be forewarned: SHINKU is here to kick ass and take names! The first issue of Ron Marz and Lee Moder’s sexy story of a lone samurai versus hordes of bloodsucking vampires sold out at distribution level before it even hit the shelves. While copies of SHINKU #1 may still be available in some comic shops, their days are numbered! Therefore, a second printing is underway and will be available in stores the same day that SHINKU #2 is released.

« Everybody who worked on SHINKU put blood, sweat and tears into it… mostly blood, though, » explained Marz. « So we’re really excited and gratified by the reception the book has received. There’s going to be plenty more you can sink your teeth into. » Some of the rave reviews of the first issue of SHINKU include these words of praise:

« If you’re looking for a samurai story, a twisted vampire yarn, a new female lead to cheer for, an adventure tale, or even a few laughs, SHINKU is the place you want to look. » — Joey Esposito of IGN

« …well, it’s one of the best new #1’s I’ve read in a while. Badass, original and NOT for the faint of heart, I’ve fallen for this book very quickly… » Russ Burlingame of Comic Related

« The reason Ron Marz’s SHINKU #1 rises above a lot of the work in the over-populated zombie/vampire genre within the medium is his sardonic wit and unrelenting pacing. » — Eric Whitman of The Daily Blam!

SHINKU #1 introduces Shinku, the last woman standing in a centuries old line of samurai who secretly fight against a powerful vampire clan. In this tough world of one mortal versus throngs of violent immortal killers, one thing is certain: in the second issue, things get even bloodier!

The second printing of SHINKU #1 (APR118207), a 32-page full color horror comic book priced at $2.99 is available for re-order now with an in-store date of July 7, coinciding with the release of SHINKU #2 (MAY110529).

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