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15 février 2008 Non Par Comic Box

demwarsii_01_covera.jpg[ENGLISH] Chicago, IL. (Feb. 15, 2008) – One of fantasy literature’s greatest sagas continues at Devil’s Due Publishing in March with R.A. Salvatore’s DemonWars vol 2: The Demon Spirit. Adapting the second book from Salvatore’s acclaimed series, The Demon Spirit illuminates Salvatore’s vision in a large-format 3-issue mini-series featuring art by Nadir Balan (Wrath of the Titans) and Mostafa Moussa (Jubilee, Tales of the Thing) and covers by Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash, Loaded Bible) and Mike Bear (G.I. Joe).

demwarsii_01_coverb.jpgThe Demon Spirit picks up in the aftermath of the first DemonWars volume, as the story’s heroes Pony and Elbryan fight for the world of Corona’s fate. Though the demon dactyl was vanquished in The Demon Awakens, their struggle turns in this series toward the spiritual survival of the land as demonic servants roam the land and a corrupt church threatens all of its inhabitants.

DemonWars vol 2: The Demon Spirit ships bimonthly beginning in March.

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