Preview : Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer

18 décembre 2008 Non Par Comic Box

Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer[ENGLISH] Top Cow tells us: Top Cow Productions, Inc. announced today that fans who have been clamoring for the return of the Hunter-Killer series and anticipating more Cyberforce will finally get their wish when the publisher launches Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer, a monster crossover limited series set to debut in July.

Eisner-nominated writer Mark Waid (The Amazing Spider-Man, Kingdom Come), who co-created Hunter-Killer with Top Cow founder and CEO Marc Silvestri in 2005, will pen the story. Providing art will be rising superstar Kenneth Rocafort (Madame Mirage, Astonishing Tales), who drew the final four issues of Season 1 of Hunter-Killer.

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“I can’t wait to work with Kenneth again,” raved Waid. “He blew my mind when I first saw his Hunter-Killer pages during the first run. To be brutally honest, it’s rare that I see a new artist whose work doesn’t feel redundant or a clone of something else already out there. Kenneth’s energy knocks me out.”

“This is a dream come true to draw one of my favorite teams of all time, Cyberforce,” said Rocafort, who was a fan of Top Cow books well before he started drawing for them. “And to combine that with the characters of Hunter-Killer, which I love to draw, and working with Mark again, this is an exciting project for me.”

Cyberforce is a team of unique individuals granted with superhuman abilities via cybernetic implants created to be the pawns of a corrupt and evil corporation. Having defeated their creators, they united to fight the battles no one else could. Hunter-Killers are a group of Ultra Sapiens—a genetic super race living in secret because they are walking weapons of mass destruction—who monitor and police their own to ensure the safety of planet Earth. Details of the crossover storyline are being kept under wraps for now.

“The past two summers, we’ve focused on the more supernatural aspects of our universe with First Born and Broken Trinity,” said Rob Levin, VP Editorial for Top Cow. “Next summer, we’re going to shine a light on our tech-based heroes. Mark Waid is one of my favorite writers out there. And Kenneth…that guy is unstoppable. The work he’s doing is going to melt eyeballs, and dare I say it, crack the Internet in quarters. Quarters!”