Preview : Captain Marvel Returns To Action!

23 octobre 2007 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Marvel tells us: Spinning straight out of his shocking return in Civil War, Captain Marvel’s new life begins in Captain Marvel #1 (of 5)! He’s been plucked out of time before his death, but can the Kree soldier known as Mar-Vell make a difference with the scant time he’s got left? Acclaimed writer Brian Reed (New Avengers: Illuminati, Ms. Marvel) and artist Lee Weeks (Daredevil, Spider-Man: Death And Destiny) bring you a gripping epic about one man’s quest to make the world right before his end. “Captain Marvel is a story about a man out of time,” said Reed. “Imagine you’ve traveled forward in time a few years and learned that you have passed away from cancer. What would you do? How would you react? If you’re a proud soldier like Captain Marvel, you get mighty angry about the cards fate has dealt you, and you decide to try and do something about it. The big problem is, that there’s no undoing history. Captain Marvel still dies from cancer. But what he does with his life before that time is what matters.”

Offering a unique insight into the mind of the man known as Mar-Vell, along with intense action scenes and important consequences for the Marvel Universe, Captain Marvel #1 brings one of Marvel’s greatest heroes back where he belongs! And don’t miss Ed McGuinness’ stunning first issue cover brought to life as the can’t-miss Captain Marvel Ed McGuinness Poster!

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CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 (of 5) (SEP072187)
Written by BRIAN REED
Penciled by LEE WEEKS
Rated A …$2.99
FOC—10/25/07, On-Sale—11/14/07

24×36 Color Poster…$6.99
FOC—11/01/07, On-Sale—11/28/07