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18 décembre 2007 Non Par Comic Box

trex.jpg[ENGLISH] Visionary Comics Studio is proud to announce that legendary artist Pat Broderick has joined VCS and brings with him his creator-owned projects, starting with the post-apocalyptic series T-Rex. Visionary debuted as the world’s first teaching studio, and with names like Brian Augustyn, Lou Manna and Dave Lanphear brought a wealth of experience in the industry. Their roster grew with other top talents including Gary Yap, and award winning writer A. David Lewis. They also debuted some of the most talented newcomers in comics as creators.

Lately, they’ve gotten many accolades with their first full book published from AAM/Markosia, the dramatic series Headlocked: Work of Art which has been hailed as “one of the best books of the year” and “groundbreaking” in its “excellence”! (See or the reviews!)

But Visionary is just getting warmed up! More publishing announcements will be coming for 2008, but in the meantime…”We just couldn’t sit on it any longer,” said Creative Director C. Edward Sellner, “WE GOT PAT BRODERICK!

Pat Broderick has been one of the top artists in the industry, with a unique style that has graced the pages of such classic titles as Micronauts, Iron Fist, Fury of Firestorm, Doom 2099, Swamp Thing, Green Lantern and Detective Comics, among many others! He left the industry to work on advertising and video game design, but now intends to return to his roots and Visionary will pave the way.

“We’re incredibly excited about having Pat Broderick come on board, and his stuff has only gotten even more incredible,” said new VCS managing editor Ben Chafe.

Why Visionary? From the man himself…

“I’ve missed comics intensely over the past few years, even though I’ve worked on some of the top advertising accounts and a couple of animation projects ,as rewarding and challenging as they were to do still they’re just not quite the same. So during this time I developed a few properties of my own to satisfy that need. T-Rex is the first of those properties to be released. The industry today is different. It has become stronger and more diversified. I understand that one must also change with it. After finding Visionary I felt that this promising young company could be the perfect starting point. After the first exchanges of E-mails with C. Edward Sellner I had total confidence that they are the right organization. They’re a dedicated group of professionals and I couldn’t be happier with them representing me. I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.”

“We’re honored and thrilled that VCS’ quality and commitment to excellence in comics is now attracting talent of the caliber and status as Mr. Broderick,” added Charlie Hall VCS’ Business Manager. “His project T-Rex will make his return to comics a truly in-your-face and hold-onto-the-seat-of-your-pants ride!”

T-Rex, being actively represented for a publishing deal now, is a post-apocalyptic horror-adventure. “It’s Mad Maxx on steroids and it has absolutely nothing to do with dinosaurs,” Sellner laughs. The book will be a mature readers adventure that follows the saga of a hard-nosed former Dog-Soldier (Rex) who is cybernetically connected to his dog (T).

Harsh and brutal does not begin to describe this book which will be a very dark and gritty series. The most exciting news about the series is that it won’t just feature Broderick’s famous line art, but is a series created, written, penciled, inked and beautifully digitally colored all by the man himself! This will be the series that puts Pat Broderick’s name on the A-list of creator / storytellers who can bring a fully defined vision to comics!

“We’re early in the process of finding T-Rex a home, but the book is finished and ready to go,” Hall added, “so, any top quality publishers who might be interested should let us know!”

The book will soon be making its formal debut with a limited collector’s edition ashcan which Broderick will be selling at his upcoming shows and conventions, where he will also be promoting his Visionary status! “Of course, Pat Broderick has long been a Visionary in comics,” Sellner finished with, “we’re just thrilled to make it official!”

More news on upcoming T-Rex shows will be forthcoming!
The official, full T-Rex sneak peek is now LIVE on the Digital Visions Web Comic Library at!

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