Oni Press In March 2008

25 janvier 2008 Non Par Comic Box


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bluemonday.jpgBlue Monday, Vol. 2: Absolute Beginners
By Chynna Clugston

All new cover and printing!

Things start off bad as a costume party goes all wrong, and the brain-damaged, hormonally-challenged boys videotape Bleu in the bath. From there, Bleu and Clover will stop at nothing to get the tape back, while Erin makes it her personal mission to make sure everything stays screwed up! You see, this deranged action is actually a mating ritual in Alan and Victor’s eyes, and Erin can’t help but pit them against each other.

128 pages, Black & White

In stores: 03/02/2008
$11.95 US, $11.95 Can

damned.jpgThe Damned: Prodigal Sons #1 (of 3)
By Cullen Bunn & Brian HurttThe start of an all new action-packed mini-series!

Eddie has the unfortunate gift of never staying dead. It has come in handy as Eddie walks a tight line between different Prohibition-era mob families, between the demonic and the human, and between our world and the dark afterlife. Yet after years of playing every side in this world of crime and violence, there are those that are determined that Eddie stays dead this time around.

32 pages, black & white

In stores: 03/19/2008
$3.50 US, $3.50 Can

northworld.jpgNorth World, Vol. 1: The Epic of Conrad
Lars Brown

North World really isn’t that different from our own… the biggest difference is the presence of mythical monsters, talking bears, arcane arts, and, of course, the heroes who stand ready to defend the innocent and helpless from these extraordinary threats!

Conrad is one such hero and he’s about to experience something scarier than any of the mighty beasts he’s faced down — his ex-girlfriend’s wedding!

136 pages, Black & White

In stores: 03/12/2008
$11.95 US, $11.95 Can

resurrec.jpgResurrection #4
By Marc Guggenheim & Dave Dumeer

The aliens are gone, but they’ve left some of their technology behind. And that technology hides a dark secret that could prove more dangerous than ten million aliens. Plus, our cast members collide!

32 pages, black & white

In stores: 03/19/2008
$3.50 US, $3.50 Can

wasteland.jpgWasteland #16
By Antony Johnston & Chris Mitten

The Sandeater assault on Newbegin continues! With the slaves escaping, the Disciples are all that stand between the Sandies and chaos as they rampage through the marketplace. Jakob and Heddor fall back to Sultan Ameer’s caravan for a desparate last stand, while Skot confronts the Lord Founder and Dexus.

32 pages, black & white

In stores: 03/26/2008
$3.50 US, $3.50 Can