No Formula From The Chemistry Set

30 mai 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] August 2008 marks the print debut of the webcomics collective The Chemistry Set in an anthology collection from Desperado Publishing entitled ‘NO FORMULA: STORIES FROM THE CHEMISTRY SET, VOL.1’ (Diamond Order Code JUN083849), just in time for the Set’s two-year anniversary. « There’s no better way to celebrate our Terrible Twos than with a big release like this, » said Jim Dougan, an original ChemSetter approached by Desperado publisher Joe Pruett to edit the anthology. « The only problem was choosing from among the literally hundreds of pages of great comics we’ve got on the site. Joe wanted only self-contained stories, though, so while that unfortunately left out a lot of great stuff, it helped me narrow it down. Are these the best 120 pages of comics ever to appear at the ChemSet? No. Are they the 120 pages that fit together best as a book? I think so. »

NO FORMULA will feature 12 stories from the two-year history of the ChemSet, in both black-and-white and color, all under a gorgeous color cover by Hyeondo Park. The story contents, most of which can be previewed online at, are:

« The System » by Tony Goins and Tom Williams
« Night’s Plutonian Shore » by Neil Kleid and jamesmith3
« Rest Stop » by Jim Dougan, Dean Haspiel and Michel Fiffe
« Red » by Elizabeth Genco and Kevin Colden
« Snowblind » by Chris Arrant and Jessica Hickman
« The Legend of Caraboy » by Andrew Drilon
« Yes, Mother » by Elizabeth Genco and Sami Makkonen
« I’m Madly in Love » by Vito Delsante and Michel Fiffe
« Grinwit » by Andrew Drilon
« Dinner Date #9 » by Steven Goldman and Rami Efal
« Come the Dawn » by Jim Dougan and Hyeondo Park
« Rosa » by Steven Goldman and Rami Efal

« Joe Pruett has been an extraordinary supporter of the ChemSet virtually since its inception, and NO FORMULA is just an outgrowth of that, » said Dougan. « At least half a dozen issues of NEGATIVE BURN have featured ChemSetters, and in July we’ve got the graphic novel BLUE (Diamond order code MAY083778) coming from Elizabeth [Genco] and Sami [Makkonen], who also have a short story together in NO FORMULA. The relationship with Desperado is something we’re thankful for, and hope will continue to grow (thus the perhaps-optimistic ‘Vol.1’ in the title). For that to happen, folks need to go out and buy the books, though  » so please pre-order your copies! »

NO FORMULA is found on page 256 of the June PREVIEWS (for comics shipping in August) – conveniently right next to the short order form.

Official Solicitation Text:

Haunting. Humorous. Harrowing. Those are just some of the words to describe the short stories compiled in this inaugural collection from the international comics collective the Chemistry Set. Founded in 2006, the Chemistry Set has served as the breeding ground for tomorrow’s comic all-stars and includes three Xeric Award winners. Combining talents from America, Australia, Europe and Asia, their chemistry together is seen in stories that range from the heartfelt to the horrifying, from the mythological to the macabre.

Color / B&W, 120 pp. 6in x. 9in.
Price: $16.99
Diamond Order Code: JUN083849
ISBN-10: 1935002090
ISBN-13: 978-1935002093