bohda_te.jpg[ENGLISH] A horrific feline, a dead schoolgirl, a very angry little robot, the highly volatile military project D.R.3.3.P, and a giant squid are among the inhabitants of cartoonist Jamie Smart’s mind that find their way onto the page in Bohda Te, a new comic book one-shot to be published by SLG in March 2008. With characters popularized by Smart’s web comics and T-shirts, Bohda Te is full-scale goofiness punctuated with moments of out-and-out silliness.

Smart is the creator of SLG the comic books Bear and Ubu Bubu. Bohda Te is one of several of his projects to be released by SLG this year, including an anthology he is editing, Fat Chunk. Bohda Te is available for pre-order now from comic book stores with the Diamond code JAN083326.

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