Meet the New Ms. Marvel!

31 mars 2009 Non Par Comic Box

Meet the New Ms. Marvel![ENGLISH] Marvel tells us: With Carol Danvers no longer Ms. Marvel, who will take up the mantle? Answer: [spoiler] The Dark Avenger formerly known as Moonstone [/spoiler] ! Writer Brian Reed and artist Rebekah Isaacs team up for an all-new, all-different Ms. Marvel #38! Norman Osborn has appointed the villainous Moonstone to become the world’s new favorite super-heroine–what kind of chaos and mayhem will ensue? This issue also features a Wolverine Art Appreciation variant cover by Paolo Rivera!

Fans and critics are raving about Brian Reed and Ms. Marvel:

“What’s so fascinating about this current run of Ms. Marvel by Brian Reed is just how versatile he has proven both himself to be as a writer, as well as the character he writes, Carol Danvers, Ms. Marvel. […] This is a truly great book.” — Adam Chapman,

“This issue has a few plotlines running through it, but I think Brian Reed handles it efficiently and effectively. I really think the best events and storylines of « Dark Reign » are going to happen where you least expect them, and this is one of those places.”– Kevin Powers,

“I should be hit in the face with a 12 inch frying pan for even imagining a bad issue of Ms. Marvel.” — Mike Rapin,

Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on Ms. Marvel and all Marvel Dark Reign tie-ins! What do Osborn and Moonstone have planned!? Find out this and more starting in Ms. Marvel #38!

Meet the New Ms. Marvel!

MS. MARVEL #38 (FEB092509)
Written by Brian Reed
Penciled by Rebekah Isaacs
Cover by Phil Jimenez
Wolverine Art Appreciation Variant by PAOLO RIVERA
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC—4/9/09, On-Sale—4/29/09