Masquerade: The Origins Of Project Superpowers

11 décembre 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Dynamite tells us: Dynamite Entertainment today released images and information concerning their third spin-off mini-series event from the pages of PROJECT SUPERPOWERS – MASQUERADE! The four issue series is written by Phil (The Darkness) Hester, illustrated by SUPERPOWERS alumni Carlos Paul and Deborah Carita and overseen by Alex Ross who also provides the incredible covers!

« Project Superpowers is such an epic, larger-than-life event that I’m thrilled to be allowed a small role in the event, » stated writer Phil Hester. « I believe Masquerade will give fans of the larger series a look at what makes these characters work on a human level. Masquerade is both a secret origin and a personal memoir of earth shaking events spanning from the golden age to the world of tomorrow. »

Like its two companion mini-series events, THE BLACK TERROR and THE DEATH DEFYING ‘DEVIL, MASQUERADE explores the events and characters introduced in PROJECT SUPERPOWERS CHAPTER ONE and sets the stage for the return of the main series in 2009 as DYNAMITE prepares PROJECT SUPERPOWERS CHAPTER TWO – or S2 for short!

« Each and every piece in any PROJECT SUPERPOWERS comic has a direct effect on something else within the series, » explained DYNAMITE Associate Editor Joe Rybandt. « But we’ve also been very careful to make sure each spin-off mini is self-contained for a potential new reader. Particularly here with MASQUERADE, Phil and Alex are exploring the history of the character, and the unseen events from our own series, filling in the gaps for the existing readers, while providing substantive storytelling for the new reader. »

MASQUERADE #1 By Ross, Hester, Paul and Carita! Diamond Order Code: DEC083903

The Project Superpowers expansion continues as Dynamite, Alex Ross, Phil Hester and Carlos Paul present Masquerade!

Exploring the origins of the beautiful and mysterious Masquerade, writer Phil Hester opens with young Diana Adams who would grow up, inspired by the heroes of the age, to fight crime in her own unique way! Illustrated by the art-team from Superpowers Chapter One – Carlos Paul and Deborah Carita – the 4 issue series is overseen by Alex Ross, who also provides the incredible cover to issue #1 (and the series).

Plus, issue #1 features an incredible series of covers, including the incomparable Frank Cho, Jazzy John Romita and interior artist Carlos Paul!

Fans, ask your local retailer about the incredible Foil and Incentive covers!

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