[ENGLISH] SLG tells us: Ever wonder what lies beneath the murkiest, seediest underbellies of the biggest cities? Do you ever see someone suspect and quicken your pace just a bit in order to avoid confrontation? What if you couldn’t avoid them. What if you had the chance to experience what these individuals, these invisible people have to go through every day? Creator S. Eddy Bell wondered the same thing about San Francisco’s notorious Tenderloin district. He delved into the world of those that live in the outskirts and found a surprisingly relatable story. « Every night and every morning I pass by sex workers and drug dealers on my way to work, coming home from the bar, going to the gym, whenever, » says Bell, « it’s hard to pass by these people everyday and not pick up on stuff and wonder what their lives are like, to feel sympathy for them and at the same time want to keep one’s distance. »

Bell created characters that represented this underrepresented population and the result is the unexpectedly funny and heartwarming tale of Lulu and Mitzy: two best friends who happen to be living in the Tenderloin as sex workers. The book’s unusual set up may seem like a hard sell, but Bell has created a highly relatable story that puts faces to the oftentimes anonymous underbelly of the sex industry. « It really is kind of a love story about two very different people who need each other, » says Bell, » it’s about two young immigrant women who are trying to get by in a rough existence any way they can and come to realize that they complete each other. »

You can dare to explore this other side and laugh along with Lulu and Mitzy as they meet and exceed day to day challenges in unusual, yet entertaining ways.

Lulu and Mitzy: Best Laid Plans (ISBN 9781593621377) will be available this November, arriving at 128 pages and retailing at $10.95. It will be available in bookstores, comic stores and at SLG Publishing’s website, www.slgcomic.com