Jeph Loeb & Ed McGuinness Make The Hulk See Red!

4 décembre 2007 Non Par Comic Box

hulk1a.jpg[ENGLISH] Marvel tells us: After the Earth-shattering events of World War Hulk, the Hulk is seemingly no more – but then just who’s the red-skinned behemoth calling himself the Hulk? – The acclaimed, superstar creative team of writer Jeph Loeb (Ultimates 3, television’s Heroes) and artist Ed McGuinness present Hulk #1, launching an all-new era for Hulk that kicks off with one

hulk1b.jpgof his oldest cast members’murder! Iron Man, She-Hulk and Leonard Samson are on the case, but with all evidence pointing towards Hulk as the murderer, will justice be done?

« When Ed McGuinness came to Marvel, he told me this was the book he was most interested in,� said the Eisner Award-winning Loeb.��He was brimming with ideas, sketches, redesigns, the works.� I’ve always been a Hulk fan, Hulk: Gray is still one of my favorite things I’ve done at Marvel, and so teaming with Ed– who I had a great deal of fun with Superman/Batman– is a dream project for both of us.� We hope that the fans and retailers like the thrill ride wrapped in a mystery that we’ve created.� Ed’s art never looked better, Jason’s colors are remarkable and my good luck charm Richard Starkings’ design and lettering is magical. I’m having a blast! »


Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on Hulk #1, spinning directly out of the top-selling World War Hulk epic and featuring two of the industry�s most beloved creators. You�ve never seen the Hulk like this before! You�ve never seen the Hulk smash like this before! And, once you�ve read Hulk #1, you�ll realize why you�ve never had your jaws on the floor like this before!


Written by JEPH LOEB
Pencils & Cover by ED MCGUINNESS
Variant Cover by DANIEL ACUNA
Rated A �$2.99
FOC�12/6/07, On-Sale�1/4/08 Comic Collector