Incognito #1-2 Return With New INCOGNITO MUST-HAVE!

14 avril 2009 Non Par Comic Box

Incognito #1-2 Return With New INCOGNITO MUST-HAVE![ENGLISH] Marvel tells us: Marvel is pleased to announce that Incognito #1 & #2, which quickly sold out of both their first and second printings, are collected in the all-new Incognito Must-Have One-Shot. From the Eisner-winning, noir dream team of Ed « The Man Who Killed Captain America » Brubaker, Sean Phillips and Val Staples, Incognito presents the gripping story of a former super villain in the witness protection program. But when he starts using his powers once more, does this spell the end of his rehabilitation and his very life? Collecting the first two issues of the acclaimed limited series, Incognito Must-Have One-Shot is the perfect jumping on point for the book that critics and fans agree is a hit! Plus, this collection features a new cover by Phillips!

Incognito #1-2 Return With New INCOGNITO MUST-HAVE!It’s hard to believe two issues in we’re still seeing the demand for Incognito going through the roof like this, said Brubaker. Two major sellouts in a row. I couldn’t be more stunned and grateful that people are checking out what Sean and I are doing.

Marvel would also like to congratulate Val Staples for his Eisner nomination in the category of « Best Coloring » for his work on Incognito and Criminal.

Don’t miss the series that ComicBookResources.Com deems « a violent, dirty-sexy, noir superhero comic — one that works brilliantly » in the new Incognito Must-Have One-Shot!

Written by ED BRUBAKER
Art & Cover by SEAN PHILLIPS
Mature Content/No Ads $4.99
FOC 4/23/09, FOC 5/13/09